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Robustness and flexibility: these are the main attributes of Suunto gear

Launched in 1936, the Suunto has created diving gear would be the greatest allies of the lovers of this kind of sport. After all, these are materials which are distinguished by their robustness and flexibility, along with having an innovative design .

As a result of Suunto substances, any dive practitioner has the ability to find - detail with detail - all of the qualities of the environment that surrounds him, gaining access to relevant information like water temperature, depth, location and pressure.

Among so many substances, it's possible to highlight 3D electronic compasses, inner dive seekers and simulators or air-conditioning computers - which provide information regarding bottle pressure.

This way, it can be stated that Suunto is nearly eight years old, filled with dip clocks, computers and other resources that are so important to enjoy memorable underwater experiences and are still commercialized in more of 100 countries. However, not everything is dependent upon this Finnish brand, namely the safety of diving professionals.

Really, there's no point in getting latest equipment, if the practitioners of this website sport don't understand some basic principles of diving, which, when not respected, may endanger lives.

What are the safety rules in diving clinic?

Among the chief commandments to ensure security when diving with Suunto stuff is to never practice this action in isolation. It's always advisable to have a diving companion if you are afflicted with a sudden illness or in the case of an incident, for instance.

Evidently, every one of those practitioners have to maintain excellent physical condition and request equipment that's in quite good condition. But, even in the event that you enjoy full health - or even if you are in possession of great stuff - it's best never to exceed the thickness limit that's enabled and still respect the rates of ascent .

After all, numerous experts consider that divers can climb gradually. However, the ascent rate must change according to a set of variables: by the saturation of the tissues to the depth, through the gas mix.

Moreover, as a forewarned diver is worth two, there's not anything better than to rigorously analyze the conditions of the ocean. If these are unfavorable, it's mandatory to abort the custom of diving.

This is another advice of intense significance: this sports action always has to be solved within our limitations, that is, in our capacity to withstand some kind of here distress.

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